Indiana County Karma Thegsum Choling

Weekly Meditation Schedule

Due to Covid-19, all meditations will be held via Zoom until further notice.
To connect to Zoom meditation sessions, contact us through the Contact Us page.


10:45 am         Meditation Instruction

11:00 am         Meditations including

                              +Shamatha (Quiet sitting/walking meditation)
                              +A Prayer for the Pandemic
                              +Short Medicine Buddha Meditation

11:45 am         Book Discussion – Our current book discussion is on the book No Time to Lose by Pema Chodron.  The book can 

                        be purchased at or at 

Last Saturday of every Month: 

10 -11 am        Chenrezig and Amitaba

Periodically on Saturdays as announced in the KTC Weekly Email Schedule:

10-10:30 am    Medicine Buddha Sadhana

Explanation of KTC Meditation Practices

Our Meditation Practices consist of 

Shamatha (Quiet Sitting/Walking) Meditation
Quiet sitting/walking meditation is often referred to by different names such as “mindfulness” or “calm abiding” meditation. In Tibetan it is referred to as “Shamata” or in Sanskrit “Shinay.”   In this practice, the meditator sits quietly in a comfortable position and follows the breath while calming the mind. This practice is fundamental to all levels of study and practice. In addition to providing many health benefits, this type of meditation helps to develop greater focus and calmness of mind.   Prior to Saturday meditation sessions, we offer Shamatha meditation instruction in the style of our Tibetan tradition.   

Sadhana Practices
We participate in several group meditation practices that involve chanting (in Tibetan), visualization, repetition of mantras, and prayers. By studying and practicing sadhanas, practitioners attain deeper states of meditation, and gain greater insight and wisdom. The Chenrezig/Amitaba Sadhana focuses on developing compassion and wisdom, while the Medicine Buddha Sadhana focusses on developing healing energy. 

Materials for both Sadhana practices are provided by the KTC.  The texts include a transliteration that is very easy to follow and chant with, as well as an English translation to follow along with the meaning of the words.

People of all backgrounds and faith traditions are welcome to join us for our Saturday programs. Our meditation programs are open to all and free of charge.   (The Medicine Buddha practice is geared for those who have taken refuge in Buddhism.  However, visitors wishing to learn about and experience the Sadhana may quietly attend or meditate during the practice.)